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Store Closed for Season

Welcome to the Department of Forestry Seedling Store

Our store is closed for the season.

The store will open on Oct. 1 2024. You may continue to browse our products.

The Virginia Department of Forestry has been growing seedlings for Virginia landowners for more than 100 years. When you put your money in the ground in the form of seedlings, you need to start with the best stock available and that means stock suited for Virginia soils and climate. The cultural practices that we use in growing seedlings are based on more than 60 years of research and experience in quality production.

DOF nurseries accept orders from early October – late April with pickup and shipping during Virginia’s planting season, which runs from late February to late April.

In addition to the wide selection of bare-root seedlings, we also offer specialty seedling packs to meet specific goals like fall colors, riparian buffers, or pollinator and wildlife habitate. Our seedlings are sold directly from the seedbed without replanting, and seedling age is indicated with 1-0, 2-0 and 3-0 (one-, two- and three-year-old).

Inventory Information

To best serve our customers the online stores inventory is updated on an hourly basis with the most accurate inventory for seedling species available.

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